About Us

Who are we? The answer is simple, we’re a group of guys just like you. A few dudes looking for amazing hair care. Hair products that will keep your hair where you want it, all day long.


For a long period time, we couldn't find what we were looking for, so we decided to make our own products at home. To be honest, the first few products we made were rough at best. After a few months though, we did get the hang of it and since have developed more than a few recipes that we are extremely proud of! We were constantly asked by friends and strangers what we use in our hair. Of course it’s always very exciting to tell them that it’s something we created ourselves. After months of being hassled by friends and family members for our “homemade goop that sticks really well”, we knew it was time to start a hair company. A company that offers more than ordinary hair products. We want to offer you AMAZING hair products. Some of our recipes, we have made over 100 versions of and we still aren’t 100% satisfied with. Those are the products that you will never see. We will never sell you a subpar product. We will never send you a product that we don’t think is perfect.


Stickmore is just 2 wild and crazy guys. A marketing specialist (Jacob Giverink) and a public relations extraordinaire (Cyrus World-Peace) and along with the help of many many barbers, friends and family members, we have now set out on the greatest adventure of our lives. This isn't just a business to us; this is our dream. #stickwithus and we will show you the passion that drives us. The passion that drives this company.